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Narcotic Wasteland

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Dreaming Dead and Crackwhore

REJOICE! An evening of the deadliest shreds - Dallas Toller Wade pushes Narcotic Wasteland full speed ahead across North America with a stop in Vancouver on November 5th at the infamous Astoria Pub. The self titled album Narcotic Wasteland tackled several themes of degradation overcoming Fayetteville and received huge critical acclaim upon its release in turn morphing the project into a full time commitment a couple years later. Joining them is Dreaming Dead from the underground allies of LA following their early 2017 release of Funeral Twilight and the egregious Crackwhore.

Sunday, November 5 2017
The Astoria Pub, 769 East Hastings
Doors 8:00PM
No Minors


NARCOTIC WASTELAND started as a side project Dallas Toler-Wade had been working on the past few years when he was not touring or in the writing/studio mode with "Nile." The band’s overall concept is very reflective of the city where Dallas, Edwin, and Chris grew up. Fayetteville, North Carolina, a military town, that has a PTSD rate of up to 75% in males, and is the highest rated city in the US for Shaken Baby Syndrome. The availability of street drugs is astounding, and the ever growing epidemic of addiction to pharmaceutical drugs is an extremely toxic and unstable environment to grow up and live in. A true wasteland.

DREAMING DEAD is the answer to underground mediocrity and mainstream banality. Formed in 2006 by frontwoman Elizabeth Schall and drummer Mike Caffell, Dreaming Dead continues to capture the attention of audiences and listeners across the globe. Whether through pummeling fans as a live act, or releasing fist-pumping albums, Dreaming Dead is consistently in the business of turning heads. With two previously released full-length albums - Within One & Midnightmares and a 4th release via Hammerheart Records - Funeral Twilight.

CRACKWHORE was conceived in 2004 by like minded musicians seeking to corrupt the death metal genre with cracked out song structures and promiscuously vulgar rhythms. The band worked fast. They played 13 shows throughout western Canada, recorded a 13 song album entitled 'Inner Piece', and disbanded in just over a year. Apparently the album continued to make waves. In 2014, the band's name shut down a 15 band metalfest they were slated to headline for their 9 year reunion, when protesters and picketers fought tooth and nail to keep the band from reappearing. It was a valiant effort that failed miserably and earned Crackwhore the title of "The Most Controversial Band On Earth". Now uglier and meaner than ever, Crackwhore continues to slither through the music scene, poised to wrap it's claws around the next prey. Will it be you?

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