All-Levels Improv Classes




Comedy, Theatre

Blind Tiger Comedy's Semester 16 is here and it has the class for you!

New to comedy? Seasoned pro? We have a brand spankin' new slate of classes up and ready for you to enjoy October 7 - December 10 at Blind Tiger Comedy. Our new term has classes for students of all levels, plus new electives and specialty courses.

Classes include:
Intro 1-3 – Saturdays/Sundays
Long Form 1-4 Saturdays/Sundays/Mondays
Sketch 1-4 Saturdays/Sundays/Mondays

Specialty classes including: Duo Dive with Devin Mackenzie, Becoming Your Characters with Aaron Read, Scene Study with Amy Shostak, *NEW* Women Centre Stage with Amy Shostak

For full course descriptions of these and many more exciting classes and events with Blind Tiger Comedy go to and if you have any questions, you can always grab answers by emailing

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