Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour



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Tix $55


Attractions, Theatre

Vancouver’s iconic Haunted Trolley Tour is back for another year. This time it not only explores Vancouver’s haunted past but dives into its terrifying future.

As the damp autumn evening transforms Gastown into an eerie place of shadows, stories and the occasional bump in the night, you will be whisked away by a trolley where you will see streets and homes, which seem normal, but if you look and listen close enough you will hear echoes of murders and other devastating events.

Your host will tell the gruesome tales of The Castelanni Milkshake Murder, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s Lady in Red and more. You will drive through dank locations such as Stanley Park to hear about The Babes in the Woods and continue through the winding roads and mansions of Shaughnessy.

The tour stops to visit Mountain View Cemetery where the troubled spirits occupy their time. When you arrive at the Vancouver Police Museum you will climb the stairs to Vancouver’s first city morgue where over 15,000 autopsies have been performed, including Errol Flynn. You never know if you will stumble onto another autopsy in progress.

After visiting Vancouver’s spooky past, you will be transported into its terrifying future through the haunted Virtual Reality Experience, DREAMSCAPE, at Shebeen Whiskey House. In this 15-minute original live action, haunted experience, participants will put on virtual reality goggles and headphones becoming fully immersed in the adventure. DREAMSCAPE was filmed using 360-degree directional cameras to absorb viewers in the video as the thrilling experience unfolds. You will find yourself teleported into a series of dark, haunted locations filled with terrifying creatures and events.

Open Oct 10th to 31st (closed Sundays and Mondays). Tours will run on Sunday, October 29th, and Monday, October 30th

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