Qi Gong Two Day Two Basics Workshop




Tix $425



Qi gong is meditation in motion, which works with the sensitive and subtle energies that flow in, around and through the body. It helps to build the internal power and sexual energy through the breath and channeling of earth and cosmic forces.
Energy flows where attention goes, so mastering the mind and body can have enormous effects on the spirit and physical body.
Learning to move from the inside develops an integral and authentic sense of well-being. Qi gong practice offers ways to connect with ones natural happiness by learning to release negative emotions in the body and cultivating more positive emotions to restore energy and enhance health. By tuning to nature as one does with qi gong, one begins to live in harmony with their true nature. Expression of this wonderful life force can help one to live a more vibrant, creative and meaningful life!

In the Tao Basics Qi Gong Workshop you will learn:
The basics of Qi Gong, an ancient Taoist longevity practice
The basics of Taoist Philosophy and Chinese Medicine.
The control and seasonal cycle of the Five Elements which are the basis of Chinese Medicine.
The Six Healing Sounds to release negative emotions in your body and cultivate more positive emotions.
How to circulate your Qi in your entire body by moving it in the Microcosmic Orbit.
Simple exercises to balance the 5 major organs and establish a daily Qi Gong practice.
The structure of a daily Qi Gong practice that includes purging, townifying and circulating the Qi.
The Inner Smile Meditation.

Instructor: Marta Hernandez

Saturday & Sunday November 11 + 12 | 10am-6pm | $450 + $70 for course manual.