Women's Sport as Politics




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Douglas College Intersections, in partnership with the Douglas Students' Union, proudly presents a dialogue about women’s sport as politics with Homa Hoodfar, Jeanette Ashe and Adelia Paul.

When does sport become a game of politics instead of just a game? Examine the issue of gender as a barrier to politics and how sport is used to break down that barrier in Canada and around the world.

About the speakers:

HOMA HOODFAR is a professor of anthropology at Concordia University and has been actively involved in the Women Living Under Muslim Laws network since the 1980s. She is most well known to the public as the Canadian who was arrested in Iran for “dabbling in feminism” while on a personal and research visit last year.

Joining her is JEANETTE ASHE, Chair of the Political Science department at Douglas College, and ADELIA PAUL, a Douglas College nursing student, member of the Haisla Nation and Assistant Coach for the Royals women's varsity basketball team.

Tickets are FREE. Please visit the event website for registration information.