Sacred Lotus Chi Kung




Tix $150



Runs Weekly on Mondays Oct 30 - Nov 27, 2017

Spiritual Chi Kung comes to us as a technology used by Taoists and Ch’an Buddhists to reduce stress, increase awareness, and live with a particular consciousness in the present moment. The term Zen, like the Chinese Ch’an from which it derives, simply means ‘meditation’. Despite its association with specific religious traditions, Chi Kung is not a sectarian practice. It is universal and open to everyone.
The state of mind known as the ‘Chi Kung state’ – an expanded level of consciousness that is, understandably, the goal of many traditions – is popularly known in a variety of ways: as enlightenment, satori, nirvana, being one with the Tao, and simply the outcome of meditation.

The ultimate aim of all inner Taoist practices is the alchemical transformation of the body, mind, and spirit, leading to union with the Tao. Feeling the energy of your body makes it possible for you to understand the energy of your thoughts and emotions; and this enables the realization of the energy of the spirit. From here it is possible to fully embrace the ‘Chi Kung state’ of meditation, or emptiness, through which we can become one with the Tao.

This series will offer you an experience of movement, breathing techniques, and a series of postures and meditations that will leave you in a state of deep relaxation and inner bliss.

In the Sacred Lotus Chi Series you can expect to:

Expand you energy, relieve stress and chronic muscle tension;
Heighten awareness and deepen your connection to the Universal;
Open the heart connection to yourself and others;
Experience the state of emptiness, oneness with the Tao;
Live more in the present moment, and feel the aliveness of our natural state of existence.

Renate Geier, a certified instructor of 7-Lotus Chi Kung Canada, has been studying Chi Kung (and Meditation, Energy Work and Healing Practices, Psycho-Corporal Body Work and Shamanism) for more than a decade. She is deeply appreciative of the many gifts her practice has brought her; and it is now her passion to share these techniques, helping others connect to the natural flow of life and the universal energy of Chi.