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Dance, Performing Arts

SHINY is a multi-disciplinary performance that explores and challenges the beauty standards enforced upon women through the media of our culture. Created and performed by dance artist Kelly McInnes in collaboration with performers Maxine Chadburn and Rianne Svelnis.

SHINY explores the masking of the individual through the bizarre sameness of the beauty standard and magnifies the surreal, the grotesque, the bizarre, and the mundane involved in the quest for ‘perfection’. SHINY reveals our bodies for what they are while magnifying the absurdity in arbitrary aesthetic. Challenged to question their gaze, the audience is invited into a world of domestic beauty creatures.

McInnes’ own experience of dealing with body image and eating disorders, similar to many other women and dance artists, is the underlying inspiration for SHINY.
Inspired also by ideas from Naomi Wolf’s ‘The Beauty Myth’, SHINY explores how our expected domestic labour, historically known as women’s work, is similar
to our work at beauty. It’s a subject we’re all familiar with and McInnes addresses the content with a unique, personal, surprising and accessible approach.

Kelly McInnes is a choreographer based in Vancouver, B.C. Drawing from her training in dance and design, her work is often multi-disciplinary and explores socio-political issues, through a feminist lens, as a call to action to disturb the status-quo and inspire dialogue towards change. Her work has been presented in festivals across Canada and in Mexico.