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Dr. Carlos de León, offers students an experience through through a series of “empowerments”, a direct connection to the energy of the lineage. Carlos received these teachings in Singapore, many years ago from Sifu Chin Chee Ching, and later was given an initiation from the Grandmaster of the lineage in China.

The student receives from the teacher an initiation which opens “3 energetic doors” and this allows fruits to manifest from the practice. Unique to this form of Chi Kung is its emphasis on a “secret” meridian which, in fact, coincides with uma nadi of the Hindu Tantrics and the practitioners of Vajrayana and Dzogchen. For this reason, Dakmo Health Chi Kung is particularly helpful to practitioners of these paths.

The origin of this practice lies with the Hindu prince Dakmo, also known as Daruma, Tamo, Damo and Boddhidharma. He is the 28th patriarch of Zen Buddhism, counting from Sakyamuni Buddha. After receiving the succession of the lineage, Dakmo traveled throughout Asia, learning forms of meditation, martial arts, and Chi Kung. Ultimately, he founded, in China, the famous Shaolin monastery.

This profound practice improves your karmic conditions through the purificationof the central channel, and helps cultivate energy beyond Weidan, Neidan and Shendan. As this style requires a personal initiation, we are very fortunate to have an opportunity to receive the teachings here in Vancouver. No previous Chi Kung experience is required, but an open heart and “beginner’s mind” are welcome prerequisites. Class is limited to 35 students, due to space requirement for the practice sessions.

This Practice is for Spiritual Practitioners, Heath Practitioners and Anyone who is….

Looking for ways to meditate and to develop vital energy and better health;
Has an interest in healing, self or others, and lengthening life span;
Feels a need to correct “bad karma” regarding this or another life;
Is interested in and seeking practices for self realization and evolution;
Wants to strengthen an existing meditation practice;
Has a desire to improve their karmic condition to facilitate the path;
Is a practitioner of Mahamudra or Dzogchen, and is looking for a complementary practice to cultivate life force energy;
Interested in technologies to calm the mind and strengthen the nervous system; and
Is looking for a path that can lead to a more loving and joyful life, more clarity, more energy and a more harmonious flow.