Just Dance




Tix $15


Dance, Nightlife

Cold nights call for warm beats!

Pacha Papa & Raghunath Khe combine their talents for an intuited joint exploration of diverse sound and rhythm. The duo have played alongside each other at many events, but for this night they will be sharing the decks throughout, moving back and forth exploring infinite inspirations and energies.

Pacha is well known for his neo-tribal bass compositions and selections, however here he will express another side of his dj persona, tapping into the 4/4 stuctures of techno, house, and all the variations of such and infusing a unique global flair. Likewise Raghunath will meet him in that place, exploring a wide range of related styles and sub-genres such as tropical house, roots garage, playa-tech and beyond. In addition, custom layers of spontaneous sound will be utilized, opening the door to a truly improvised and evolving experience.

Recognizing their role and honouring the needs of the dance-floor, the two will provide unlimited fuel for your hips and feet and keep you moving strong all evening long. It’s gonna be a divinely hot and sweaty night!

Visuals for the evening will be crafted live by the talented VJ Kashub.

7:30pm :: Optional Active Meditation
9:00pm :: Pacha Papa X Raghunath Khe

Cost: $15 at the door

♡ See you on the dancefloor! ♡


Pacha Papa is a student of sound, eager to surrender to the magical odyssey that vibration can take the soul on. He has been producing and DJing for 7 years, his musical ear influenced towards an organic, biorhythmic approach. Viewing sound as one of the fundamental magiks of our reality, Pacha Papa intentionally seizes the opportunity to create peace during his conducting, and aims to leave all those present with huge smiles & warm, well worked hips. He has released multiple EP’s which incorporate world tribal bass music under the feeling of NeoTribalism. Pacha Papa is sure to enliven the dance floor with his playful antics - creating a natural balance of silliness to his ritualist set.



Raghunath Khe has been an intrinsic part of the evolving intentional dance culture for over 20 years. An innovative producer and dj, he is interested in the transformational properties of music and movement, connection and community. He has released three solo albums under various guises, and has contributed musically and otherwise to many festivals and events, both local and international. He is a student of many spiritual traditions, having trained in both North America and India, and an initiate in the line of bhakti, tantra, and shamanic practice. He regularly performs, teaches, and organizes events in the Vancouver area of Canada. He is the co-founder of the Full Moon Medicine gatherings held in the lower mainland of BC, and co-resident dj at Vancouver's long-running Just Dance. A long-time radio presence, he is currently the host and producer of Mantra Radio on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver.



Kashub's name stems from the tribe of his ancestry situated along what is now the Baltic Coast of Poland. The tribe, now dispersed and displaced, lived peacefully isolated amidst sand dunes and swamps along the Baltic since before the dawn of the State of the Teutonic Order some 800 years ago. VJ Kashub brings powerful visual projections to induce a spiritual scene so as to reacquaint long lost souls of his ancestry onto our dance floor.


Just Dance is a positive party community event. It offers a unique opportunity to dance to an eclectic selection of music from around the world. Held every week Just Dance can be described as a refreshing alternative to the bar and club scene. It is a place where you are free to be yourself, connect with a vibrant community and dance the way you want!.

Just Dance is also a non-profit organization and has donated thousands of dollars to local charities over the last 23 years.


This event is held on unceded land of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh people.