Dance Allsorts: Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble




Tix from free to $20



Kasandra "La China" will lead the Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble in flamenco artistry and live music of the highest calibre. Take an emotional journey through the passionately dark to the delightfully cheeky. With fire, spirit, and a profound musicality, the Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble is at once a feast for the eyes, the ears, and the soul. Cameo by Vancouver emerging artist Kirill Deljanin.

Register online for the FREE workshop at 3:15. Join Kasandra for this flamenco class, introducing Tangos por Fiesta, a party dance originating from Andalucia, Spain. Not to be confused with tangos from ballroom dance or Argentina, this Tangos is definitely Flamenco! All ages and abilities welcome.

Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away