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Blue Butterly Effect captures the emergence of a grassroots resistance that emerged from a conservative district in South Korea in response to the impending deployment of THAAD – a Terminal High Altitude Missile Defense system. Reflecting upon the immediate and highly volatile tensions amongst North Korea, China, Japan and the US in the context of further militarization of the Korean Peninsula, this is an extremely timely and important film.

Cinevolution is proud to feature Blue Butterfly Effect as a pop-up DocuAsia event, which brings together academics, artists, and community organizers to witness, reflect and critically respond to socio-politcal currents on both sides of the Pacific. Screenings will take place in Richmond and in Vancouver, followed by a panel discussion. Director Emmanuel Moonchil Park will attend both discussions via Skype. Full speaker list to come.

Blue Butterfly Effect
2017 | Documentary | South Korea | 73min
Director: Emmanuel Moonchil Park

In 2016, a small conservative farming town in South Korea, Seongju staged fierce protests against the government’s decision to deploy THAAD, a US missile defense system, in their backyard. At the heart of this movement were young mothers concerned about the wellbeing of their children. At first, they were concerned about the exposure to radiation from the system’s powerful radar emissions. However, over time, they began to learn more about THAAD and what a severe threat it is to the geo-political relations in the Northeast Asian region. Women, who were previously indifferent to social issues in general, now are actively demanding for peace in the region, and taking part in building a socially conscious local community. However, things take an unexpected turn when the head of Seongju county, who previously led this struggle, goes against the will of the residents and accepts a government’s concession to relocate THAAD to an alternative site within the county…


About DocuAsia
DocuAsia Forum is an annual film event in Metro Vancouver focusing on sensitive and relevant social issues concerning contemporary Asia. By bringing together filmmakers, artists, academics, community representatives, and the general public, DocuAsia provides a platform for informed dialogue concerning the current cultural and economic development in Asia, and global implications for the future.

DocuAsia Forum tells stories about Asia in ways that brief news clips and often-polarized popular commentary simply cannot. Discussion in public spaces, initiated through interaction with thoughtful independent documentary film, provides a powerful opportunity for substantive reflection and communication that nurtures deeper intercultural understanding through a sense of shared purpose.

Panel Speakers:

Community Partners:
City of Richmond
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
SFU David Lam Centre

Additional Screening:
November 22, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm at Melville Centre for Dialogue
Richmond Campus, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
8771 Lansdowne Rd Richmond, BC V6X 3V8

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