Ontogonic Sexual Therapy




Tix $1050/950


ONTOGONIC SEXUAL ENERGY 5-Day Intensive you can expect to:
• Explore the richness and depths of Ontogony Body-Mind Therapy at the physical, energetic, and transpersonal levels of your being;
• Understand how Ontogonic Therapy approaches the body as a container which holds the unconscious experience;
• Learn how therapy works to open the heart and establish healthy contact with ourselves and with the world;
• Discover how deepening our awareness becomes a tool for transforming neurosis;
• Experience how, by releasing muscular tension and integrating the unconscious into conscious awareness, we open our internal flow of energy.

Ontogony is a therapeutic approach addressing the humanistic, transpersonal and holistic aspects of the individual: Energy, Body, Emotion, Mind and Spirit. This 5-day intensive offers an immersion experience in the Ontogonic Body-Mind Process, focused on unblocking Sexual Energy. Guided by Dr. Carlos de León and supported by a dynamic group environment, each participant works with his or her individual history with a goal of releasing limitations, connecting to a deeper wisdom, and creating a renewed sense of lightness, clarity and freedom.

In Wilhelm Reich’s vision of sexuality, neuroses imply the existence of what he calls Character Armour: a system of muscular tensions developed as a defense against the breakthrough of emotions, especially anxiety, rage and sexual excitation. This armour functions to “protect“ us against the pain of the Unexpressed or the Socially Unacceptable.

Because, through social repression, we have learned to associate feelings of expansion, joy and pleasure with the pain of rejection, shame and/or guilt, we learn to shut down by holding the breath, tensing muscles that would animate the impulse, and going numb. Ultimately, this physical constriction blocks contact to a point where sensations of increased excitement tend to trigger fear and tension rather than pleasure and letting go.

By contrast, Reich offers the term Orgasmic Potency: the ability to surrender to the sexual flow without block or inhibition. Reich held that full, healthy orgasm is only reached when partners who love each other can express that love AND when both partners are sufficiently free of armour – at least as regards the moment of union – that they can experience the involuntary muscular movements before climax that open the breathing and the pleasure.

In the Ontogonic Therapy approach, we work to unblock the body, liberating it from the impacts of earlier trauma and bringing awareness and acceptance to our personal histories. Freeing the energy flow supports orgasmic potency and, beyond that, supports a general experience of pleasure in life.