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Bob Likes Thai Food






There’s no skirting it: for a chain of Thai restaurants, the name is weirdly up-front. For one thing, who the hell is Bob? And no offence to the Roberts and Bobs out there, but what does a dude with the same moniker as someone who handed out Plinko chips for 80 years know about Thai food, anyway? Well, it turns out quite a bit: enough to make a killer pad Thai, at least—and, let’s face it, that’s pretty much a foolproof benchmark for any place that claims to cook up authentic Thai fare. Bob stays true to the traditional plate with a medley of tasty egg-fried noodles, smoked tofu, and crispy bean sprouts, plus a generous helping of freshly plucked prawns, all coated in a delightfully sour tamarind-made sauce that hits your taste buds in balanced succession. Don’t skip out on the Miang Kham (a smattering of roasted coconut flakes, lime, shallots, peanuts, and ginger, wrapped in a bite-sized chaphlu leaf) or the green curry chicken, a spicy, coconut-milk-based dish that will have you licking your bowl clean. The space's quirky, rainbow-toned walls notwithstanding, the home-style meal will surely transport you to the bustling streets of Southeast Asia—not that you should be judging a book by its cover (or name) in the first place.