Attic Treasures and Mid Century Modern


Attic Treasures bills itself as specializing in mid-century modern decor, but the finds at the East Van shop don’t start and stop with ’60s-era Niels Koefoed chairs and ’70s-vintage Brutalist wall sculptures. Time travel back to the 1920s and ’30s with gorgeously deco glass lighting fixtures and sconces, or embrace your inner Pleasantville fetishist with a impressive selection of June Cleaver-approved Fire-King dinnerware. Because everything is better when you’re drunk, relive the Tequila Sunrise-hazed ’70s with a happy face-adorned cocktail shaker. The best thing about the Attic Treasures is that every time you turn around you’re reminded of a different movie, the shag-carpet orange furniture and fixtures on the north side of the two-room store straight off the retro-futuristic set of A Clockwork Orange, the tiki mugs at the rear conjuring up Elvis Presley’s immortal Blue Hawaii.


944 Commercial Drive Vancouver BC Canada Directions

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