Long & McQuade

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      Long & McQuade on Terminal is justifiably loved as a one-stop shopping stop for anyone who plays an instrument. Which department you’ll make a beeline to depends on whether you fancy yourself the second coming of Keith Moon, the greatest cellist this side of Yo-Yo Ma, or a pianist with skills that would have made Liberace faint. Not only that, the staff is famous for being completely chill. No one’s going to bat an eye should you grab a Gibson Les Paul and rip into “Paradise City” in the guitar section, or spend a half-hour trying to master The Simpsons theme up on the piano floor. The only downside of Long & McQuade is that with so much irresistibly shiny gear on display, you’ll walk in looking for piccolo sheet music for Pink Floyd’s The Wall and walk out with a Fender Precision Bass amp and Traynor Dynablock Series 350-watt amp. That you’ve never even picked up a bass before is beside the point.


      368 Terminal Ave. Vancouver BC Canada 604-734-4886 Call · Directions

      6760 No. 3 Road Richmond BC Canada Directions