Elbow Room Cafe


As anyone who’s ever been told to stand up and get their own fucking coffee knows, the Elbow Room is serious about its slogan “Food and service is our name. ABUSE is our game.” And what a great game it is, with long-time owners Patrick Savoie and Brian Searle having shot down everyone from the common rabble (that’s you and us) to Tom Selleck and Sharon Stone.

Even if you want more orange juice, it’s best to avoid eye-contact if you don’t like being singled out as a troublemaker. Acid-tongue lashings aside, what’s kept folks coming back to the West End institution since the early ’80s is an expansive and lovingly curated menu featuring portions that won’t leave you hungry. Eggs lovers can opt for the one of 10 omelets (ranging from the Rita MacNeil to four considerably plainer “I Have No Imagination” options).

Tuck into the Big Ass pancakes if you’ve arrived in sweatpants, and be prepared for the question “Is that anybody you’ve slept with” when ordering the Christopher (poached eggs with black forest ham, feta, mushrooms, and spinach).

And should you require more coffee? Feel free to ask, but be surprised if the answer “Get it your fucking self, and don’t forget the chump next to you while you’re up.”


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