Pâtisserie Lebeau

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      Embarrassing as it might be to admit this, when it comes to waffles, there can be too much of a good thing. Take the whopping array of options at Pâtisserie Lebeau, a pastry shop where the house speciality is based on a recipe that can be traced to the Belgian city of Liège.

      Those who like things light can opt for delicately flavoured lemon, apple-cinnamon, or cranberry Liège waffles with a crisp coating of pearl sugar imported from Belgium. Choco-holics have dark and white options (both with or without almonds), while nut fiends can reach for the pecan or pistachio offerings. If savoury’s your thing, Lebeau’s Brussels waffles come in spinach-and-feta, ham-and-cheese, bacon-and-cheese, and corn-and-jalapeño. And then there are the filled varieties, literally bursting with pineapple and custard, peach and custard, and ham and cheese.

      The only downside about the variety at Pâtisserie Lebeau—which is a daily destination for many of us at the Straight—is that you run the danger of having waffles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes, it’s really too much of a good thing.


      1728 W. 2nd Vancouver BC Canada 604-731-3528 Call · Directions

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