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      Open: Monday - Friday, 11:30am - 3:00pm

      2327 E. Hastings, Vancouver BC, Canada


      Tacofino is more than just a food truck—in both a literal and a metaphorical sense.

      Literally, the Tofino-born taco masters actually operate three movable eateries, plus another fourbrick-and-mortar spots in Victoria and Vancouver.

      Metaphorically, mowing down on the shop’s signature Baja-inspired fish tacos—a heaping hunk of fresh, perfectly battered lingcod on a warm flour tortilla, piled high with cabbage, chipotle mayo, and a refreshing kick of salsa fresca—is more of a religious experience than anything.

      Okay, so maybe we're exaggerating a little bit. But the trucks do feature a rather tongue-in-cheek imagining of the Virgen de Guadalupe holding her hands in prayer—with a taco pinned firmly between them, no less—so we can’t be that far off the mark, right? In case you’re not feeling the seafood, you can also try chicken karaage, pork al pastor, or a vegetarian option in taco or burrito form. Cap it off with an order of banana churros or a chocolate diablo cookie—an irresistibly gooey morsel made from a spicy combo of ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne—and consider yourself converted.

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