The Stock Market

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      1689 Johnston, Granville Island, Vancouver BC, Canada


      Sometimes, it's best to go to specialists in their field. The Stock Market has been obsessing over nutritious and tasty soups ever since it opened, serving three to four different varieties a day. The rule here is no additives, preservatives, or MSG.

      The head chef, Jean-Philippe Bedard, told the Georgia Straight's Michelle da Silva in 2012 that split-pea soup is the "easiest and most rewarding soup to make". “If I’m using a fresh herb in the soup, like thyme, I’ll want to use it in the beginning so it has time to soften and mingle its flavour all around, but if I want to finish the soup with a fresh parsley, I might just want to toss it right on top of the soup at serving time and preserve the freshness of the ingredient,” Bedard said.

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