Via Tevere

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      A message from Via Tevere

      A neighbourhood pizzeria in the heart of East Van bringing you an authentic Neapolitan experience! It began in a small palazzo on Via Tevere—a street in the heart of Naples where our father and his four sisters were raised. Throughout childhood and to this day, we have spent countless summers on Via Tevere, where we quickly learned about the importance of food in the Neapolitan way of life. Of the utmost significance is the iconic pizza, which has become the symbol of Naples. Pizza Napoletana is lauded for its rustic simplicity, its traditional wood-fire cooking method and its celebration of Neapolitan ingredients. Our goal is to honour our family heritage and the tradition of pizza-making by serving up la vera pizza Napoletana—the true Neapolitan pizza. Our Saltimbocca food truck can be found on Burrard and Pender St. from Tuesday to Friday in beautiful downtown Vancouver. Stop by for a bite.


      Named for a street in Naples where the patriarch of the owners’ family was raised, this place is all about creating la vera Neapolitan pizza.


      1190 Victoria Dr. Vancouver BC Canada 604-336-1803 Call · Directions

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