Bon's Off Broadway

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      2451 Nanaimo, Vancouver BC, Canada


      While the rest of Vancouver morphs into the new Dubai, Bon’s Off Broadway is there to remind us of saner if less sanitary times. Decorated like an Australian’s nightmare, with clashing yellows, reds, and blues designed to wake you the fuck up from that hangover; walls festooned with posters for everything from Kill Bill, to Trailer Park Boys, to an astonishing number of straight-to-VHS movies that you’ve never heard of (until now); toilets that appear to have been shipped in from a Times Square bathhouse in 1974; and the always welcome feeling that the floor was built over a swamp… It’s a trip, to say the least. Of course, Bon’s is also famous for its all-day, $2.95 breakfast, but the wise money goes on a simple plate of fries and gravy—the best in the city, if you and your kale-and-quinoa-munching ass can remember what a plate of fries and gravy actually tastes like.