Cannibal Cafe


Don’t let the name throw you off: to the disappointment of those who watch The Walking Dead while eating steak tartare, human flesh isn’t on the menu at the Cannibal Café. Instead, the Commercial Drive diner—named after an old SNFU song—is all about organic-beef burgers made from a hand-ground mix of brisket, short rib, and chuck.

Can’t-miss offerings include the Big Blue (a blue-cheese-stuffed patty topped with an onion ring and horseradish-chive mayo) and the fantastically messy Korean BBQ (featuring a kalbi glaze, kimchi, and a cilantro fritter). Crispy classic fries and deliciously evil onion rings arrive in adorably tiny metal baskets, the music leans toward the Clash and Social Distortion, and the walls are covered in vintage-cool punk posters.

Oh, and old horror films occasionally show on the flat-screen TVs, so even if you don’t see human flesh on the Cannibal Café’s menu, you can ask nicely and someone might pop The Corpse Grinders in the DVD player for you.


1818 Commercial Vancouver BC Canada 604-558-4199 Call · Directions

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