Cartems Donuterie

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      Open: Mon, Wed, Thurs: 8am-8pm Tuesday: 8am-8pm Friday: 8am-10pm Saturday: 10am-10pm Sunday: 10am-6pm

      534 W. Pender, Vancouver BC, Canada


      Entering Cartems’ 534 West Pender location is the antithesis of a trip to a cramped Timmies. The expansive entranceway, polished hardwood floor, warm lighting, brick walls, and high ceiling create a luxurious ambiance, which is topped off with a beautiful window display of dunkable treats.

      The maple-walnut doughnut is out of this world—soft, succulent, spicy, and offset with just enough sugar to twinkle the taste buds. The nuts are smoked in-house. In fact, all the doughnuts are baked at Cartems’ roomy new outlet at 2190 Main Street and brought to the West Pender store. We also recommend the legendary Cartems Earl Grey doughnut, which is loaded with the taste of organic tea and sprinkled with rose petals. Other doughnuts are flavoured with Canadian whisky and bacon (this one is especially decadent), salted caramel, and vanilla beans. They’re fried in coconut oil, which is a favourite of vegans everywhere.

      In fact, nearly everything inside this place seems to be sourced locally and ethically, including the flour, eggs, and spices.

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