This local institution’s huge selection of ready-to-eat food is served at a long, busy counter that looks like it’s straight out of Tokyo's Shinjuku district. And there’s a reason this no-frills Japanese outpost, which goes back to the 1970s, is lined up—with office workers, artists, construction workers, Japanese students—at every lunch hour. Where else in town are you going to find takeout sushi this fresh and delicious at this price?

The big seller is the eight-piece California roll, with buttery avocado, imitation crab, and a sprinkling of crispy sesame seeds on the rice for only $3.75. The chopped scallop roll, which works in tobiko (flying fish roe) and spicy mayo, comes in at $5. Prices too steep for you? Go vegetarian with a cool cucumber kappa maki ($2.50) or a sweet-salty egg tamago maki ($2.95). A stellar miso soup also comes in at under two bucks. There are tons of other options for those who think raw fish belongs in the ocean: gyoza, karaage, donburi, salad... Grab a bottle of soy sauce or a little container of extra pickled ginger at the store's massive Japanese grocery section on your way out.


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