The Metropole Community Pub

320 Abbott, Vancouver BC, Canada


The Metropole has retained its name for decades, even as it's gone through several changes. In the early 2000s, former owner Amman Rawji discovered white floor tiles from the original room, which were hidden beneath several layers of carpet and a wooden floor. The original mosaic and exposed brick have helped restore the Met to its former glory.

What keeps the younger crowd coming back, though, are the cheap drinks, which are posted on its website. You can't beat $2 beers and $11.75 pitchers every Tuesday. These bargains—along with the Saturday dance parties, party-rock Fridays, and Thursday hip-hop and funk nights—keep things real in the neighbourhood.

Now part of the Donnelly Group, the Met is also a popular place for drinks before Canucks games.

Events near The Metropole Community Pub approx. 15 minutes away