Bauhaus Restaurant

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      Bauhaus Restaurant offers German cuisine with two crafted menus, Chef Tasting Menu, and German Classic Menu. The Chef Tasting Menu is offered in four or six courses and is an example of the pure excellence of German craftsmanship; it's luxurious and high-end with extreme attention to every detail. Considering how close Germany is to Italy, France, Austria, Spain you can see influences from all these rich culinary countries within the tasting menu dishes while creating its own genuinely unique style. Each dish tells a story, and the menu is designed to take you on a colunary journey. The second menu we offer is the German Classic menu which is a take on traditional German cuisine; this menu has the comfort and heart of a German grandmother's kitchen with a modern touch. Dishes such as sauerbraten and roulade with sauces rich in red wine and meat braised for days.


      Uwe Boll's fine-dining restaurant with a Michelin-starred German chef. Traditional and modern German cuisine such as schnitzel and arctic char. Excellent service. Regular and vegetarian tasting menu available at dinner.


      1 W. Cordova Vancouver BC Canada 604-974-1147 Call · Directions


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