Café Deux Soleils

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      In a city that perpetually bulldozes over its own history, Café Deux Soleils offers comfort not just for the belly, but also for the part of your brain that needs a little relief from the perpetual psycho-geographical trauma. Standing on the more, um, colourful end of Commercial Drive for over 20 years, it’s a link to the past as resonant and important as Joe’s Café.

      As for the menu, that tofu scramble or veggie hash and eggs will hit the spot while junior chows down on a checkerboard grilled cheese or oven-roasted fries. But the signature dish, served all day, is the veggie pot pie, a miraculous thing doused in mushroom gravy with enough carbo-heft to keep the family's most ravenous meat-eater happy.


      2096 Commercial Vancouver BC Canada 604-254-1195 Call · Directions

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