1/2 Roll Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar

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      This relatively new hole-in-the-wall looks like every other tiny sushi joint on Main Street from the outside, so you might be surprised to learn that its Tokyo-trained head chef, Tatsuya Yamashita, has been creating delicious Japanese cuisine for more than 25 years. The restaurant, which opened in March 2015, gets its name from giving diners the option of indulging in a half order of any sushi roll on the menu—great for those of us who are indecisive, or who want to try something new.

      If you're a fan of oshi sushi, the pressed, square style that comes from Osaka, 1/2 Roll offers three varieties: salmon, ebi (shrimp), and saba (mackerel). Fancy rolls, like the spicy oyster roll (deep fried oyster, greens, avocado, and tobiko) and the torch roll (soft-shell-crab tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, and tobiko), use nothing but the best ingredients, while staples like sockeye salmon and toro sashimi are always fresh and never frozen. Not into rolls or the raw stuff? Fear not, 1/2 Roll's selection of hot and grilled items, like unagi kamayaki (barbecued eel) and chicken karaage are impeccably seasoned and guaranteed to satisfy.


      4148 Main Riley Park Vancouver BC Canada 604-558-3776 Call · Directions

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