Qi Integrated Health

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      A message from Qi Integrated Health

      We are a large and diverse team of integrative health practitioners that work closely to best serve our patients needs. It is not only our team that sets us apart but our also our spacious facility that includes a bright movement lab for Pilates as well as community events, and our cosy IV and post-treatment lounge which is unlike any other clinic in Canada. Our feature at Qi is an IV immune boost. Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy is a safe and effective method for treating many health concerns, illnesses and nutrient deficiencies. High doses of IV Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium are specifically effective to prevent and treat many colds, flus and even bronchitis or pneumonia. To learn more about IV nutrient therapy http://www.qiintegratedhealth.com/treatments/naturopathy/iv-vitamin-therapy/


      1764 West 7th Avenue Vancouver BC Canada 604-742-8383 Call ยท Directions

      Events near Qi Integrated Health approx. 15 minutes away