Big Smoke Burger: CLOSED



This Hogtown-born newcomer to the city is all about the beef. We’re talking hefty mounds of never-been-frozen, AAA Canadian ground chuck—organic, if you choose—cooked, unlike so many of the nuked-beyond-recognition burgers in this city, to a still-moist medium rare. Believe us, as they say on Madison Avenue, you can taste the difference. Fixings include a killer house-made rosemary-garlic mayo, caramelized onions, and a tart cilantro-feta spread on the lamb version. Try the Blue Burger, with Gorgonzola and avocado, or a plain and simple Classic with smoked cheddar. Wash it down with an old-style strawberry milkshake. Warning: attempts to deny yourself the crispy hand-cut fries will probably prove fruitless.


500 W. Broadway Vancouver BC Canada 778-379-7553 Call · Directions

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