A La Mode Restaurant & Bakery Cafe


If we learned anything from Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks, it’s that sometimes the most incredible pieces of pie are the simplest.

Who need double-salted caramel or Jamaican thyme-infused blackberry creations when you’ve got good old-fashioned sugar pies and bumbleberry flans. Serving up a mix of savoury (clam chowder, tourtiere, and mushroom pot pies) and sweet (strawberry, raspberry-rhubarb, and apple), A La Mode has been a Granville Island Market mainstay for 25 years. You don’t stick around a quarter-century without being good at what you do.

Might we recommend the company’s coconut-cream dream that Gilligan would not only give up dates with both Ginger and Mary-Anne for, but also the keys to his island’s made-from-bamboo car? Or you could just ask yourself “What would Agent Cooper order?” and keep it simple with the cherry.


1689 Johnston St., Granville Island Vancouver BC Canada 604-685-8335 Call · Directions

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