A La Mode Restaurant & Bakery Cafe

1689 Johnston St., Granville Island, Vancouver BC, Canada


If we learned anything from Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks, it’s that sometimes the most incredible pieces of pie are the simplest.

Who need double-salted caramel or Jamaican thyme-infused blackberry creations when you’ve got good old-fashioned sugar pies and bumbleberry flans. Serving up a mix of savoury (clam chowder, tourtiere, and mushroom pot pies) and sweet (strawberry, raspberry-rhubarb, and apple), A La Mode has been a Granville Island Market mainstay for 25 years. You don’t stick around a quarter-century without being good at what you do.

Might we recommend the company’s coconut-cream dream that Gilligan would not only give up dates with both Ginger and Mary-Anne for, but also the keys to his island’s made-from-bamboo car? Or you could just ask yourself “What would Agent Cooper order?” and keep it simple with the cherry.

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