Krispy Kreme


Yes, it’s a big multinational corporation. Then there’s the fact that the chain’s lone Lower Mainland outlet is located in Delta, which means you’ll spend three hours on public transit before you can get your hands on a Karamel Kreme Crunch.

But screw the downsides, because, just as Starbucks makes a damn fine cup of coffee, Krispy Kreme sure knows how to make a doughnut. Keep it simple with a half-dozen stupidly delicious Original Glazed™, which have been made from the same recipe since the 1930s. Or sink your teeth into the sinfully fruity Glazed Raspberry Filled or the Triple Chocolate, featuring dark-chocolate Kreme™ and a white-chocolate ganache drizzle. A warning, though, that there are drawbacks to Krispy Kreme besides the Delta location and that whole multinational thing.

Thanks to the outlet’s location out in the ’burbs, you inevitably end up springing for a half-dozen doughnuts to make the trek worthwhile. And because having just one is futile when it comes to the gloriously sugary Original Glazed™, you’ll be pulling a U-turn for more before hitting the Knight Street Bridge back into Vancouver.


7153 120 Street, Delta BC Canada 604-507-8803 Call · Directions