The Pie Shoppe


We love the old-school feel of this tiny Chinatown hole in the wall: at just 300 square feet, the Pie Shoppe is just big enough for a couple of chairs and benches, with a central work table where you can often find owners Andrea and Stephanie French rolling out their handmade dough or pitting fruit.

The pies are to die for—with beautifully flaky, finger-formed crusts, they look like something your granny might have made, but the flavour combos are as cutting-edge as Salted Honey and Pear Ginger, though there’s a killer apple pie and pumpkin-spice too. The shop sources ingredients from the Fraser Valley, Okanagan, and local islands, as well as local green grocers and farmer’s markets, with a strong emphasis on organic and free-range. The fully degradable, brown-cardboard packaging fits in with the aesthetic.

Order ahead: the Pie Shoppe closes when it sells out. And you will be sad.


1875 Powell St. Vancouver BC Canada 604-338-6646 Call · Directions

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