Lee's Donuts

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      122-1689 Johnston, Granville Island, Vancouver BC, Canada


      This unassuming, cozy little family-owned bakery in Granville Island’s Public Market has been operating since the market opened back in 1979. Owner Alan Lee, who passed away in 2014, set up shop with his wife Betty-Ann after his favourite East Van doughnut joint shut down in the late ’70s. Unable to appease his cravings, he learned the art of doughnut making and opened Lee’s. Ever since, staff have focused on one thing: consistency.

      These cakey, old-fashioned donuts are so texturally sound that the old “melt in your mouth” cliché doesn’t quite do them justice. Made fresh daily using whole eggs and fried in vegetable shortening, these handmade treats will take you back to a simpler time, when the emphasis was less on fancy flavour combinations and more on quality. The most popular choice, by far, is the honey-dip: a delicate but filling pastry best served warm. You can’t go wrong with other traditional recipes, like Lee’s sugar-raised, powdered, or jelly donuts, made with fresh local jam. The Mango Madness and coconut-cream are top picks if you’re looking for something with a smooth, creamy filling. If it’s that added texture you’re looking for, go for the peanut or chocolate-crunch. End your next trip to Granville Island with a stop at Lee’s and satisfy that sweet tooth with a fluffy, honeyed piece of heaven.

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