10 items that will elevate your summer picnics

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      Summer is looking a little different this year, but on the bright side, we’ve been given the opportunity to fall back in love with simpler things: days at the beach, camping in the wilderness, and picnics in local parks.

      Picnics are a great way to get some fresh air and spend time with your friends and family while maintaining a safe distance. They also don’t require a whole lot of planning and won’t end up costing much if you ask your guests bring a dish for sharing.

      To help you rediscover your passion for picnics, we’ve compiled a list of supplies that will take them to the next level.

      CHILLOUT LIFE 12 oz. stainless steel tumbler with lid

      Now that alcohol consumption is legal in some public parks in Metro Vancouver, you’ll need a tumbler to keep your Pinot Grigio cool. These glasses are fully insulated and made of stainless steel to ensure that your drinks don’t get warm. The CHILLOUT LIFE tumblers can keep beverages cold for up to eight hours and warm for up to three. With 23 colours to choose from, you’ll find a tumbler that perfectly matches the rest of your picnic gear. These double-walled tumblers can be purchased on Amazon for $21.95.

      Bose SoundLink Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

      No picnic is complete without some tunes. With the Bose SoundLink Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, you can listen to Kygo’s latest album on repeat while sipping on bevvies with your friends. The waterproof speaker is portable, holds a six-hour charge, and comes in three different colours. And it can be easily charged with a USB cable. The small but mighty Bose speaker can be purchased for $109.00 on Amazon.

      Artisware Bamboo Cheese Board Set

      If you prefer to host more mature and distinguished picnics, this bamboo cheese board setcomplete with serving utensilsis a must-have item. Instead of snacking on chips, you can serve your guests fancy artisanal cheeses accompanied by crackers and red grapes. The Artisware Bamboo Cheese Board Set features a slide-out drawer that holds four stainless-steel serving knives.

      Woven Mexican Blanket

      You simply cannot host a picnic without a thick blanket to protect your bottom from the damp, grassy ground. These hand-woven blankets come in several vibrant colours and are perfect for picnics, outdoor concerts, yoga on the beach, and camping. They also are extremely photogenic, come shipped in eco-friendly packaging, and start at $54.98 on Amazon.

      Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

      Pups can enjoy picnics too, but it’s important that they have their designated spot to hang out, away from direct heat and human food. The Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed allows your dog to feel the cool breeze from all angles and is made from a breathable fabric that eliminates hot spots. This pet bed comes in four sizes and five colours, and can also be used when camping or on the patio. The Coolaroo pet bed starts at $39.00 on Amazon.

      Spikeball Game Set

      Spikeball is the new bocce and this set will keep all picnic attendees wonderfully entertained. This spikeball set can be used indoors and outdoors, and is a fantastic way to get some exercise while socializing with other adults and kids. Spikeball is played in teams of two and follows rules that are similar to volleyball. This set can be purchased on Amazon for $79.99.

      Insulated Foldable Picnic Cooler Bag

      This cooler basket will keep you looking fashionable while your groceries stay cold when travelling from point A to B. This insulated cooler bag is a modern take on the classic woven picnic basket and features a more ergonomic handle. This chic waterproof picnic basket can keep food cold for six to seven hours and warm for three to four hours. The foldable basket comes in two colours, can carry up to 31 litres, and can be purchased on Amazon for $42.99.

      Cuisinart CCG190 Portable Charcoal Grill

      Kick your picnics up a notch by serving perfectly cooked hamburgers and hot dogs prepared on the Cuisinart portable charcoal grill. The Cuisinart grill has an enamel-coated firebox, a mess-free ash catcher, a dual venting system, and a lockable lid. Future grill masters can choose between a black or candy-apple-red finish. The portable grill starts at $51.99 on Amazon.

      We would like to kindly remind you that you’ll need to buy as well.

      Pop-Up Mesh Food Cover Tents (Set of four)

      Protect your delicious seven-layer Mexican bean dip from pesky bugs with these mesh food tents. With a clever umbrella design, the tents can be easily popped open to cover your much-loved picnic dishes. These mesh food tents can even cover large platters, and they can be spot cleaned upon returning home, if needed. Purchase a set for your next picnic or camping trip for $22.99 on Amazon.

      Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set

      Avoid eating food off flimsy paper plates and Tupperware container lids by purchasing this Coleman dinnerware set. This collection of enamel dishes and cutlery is ideal for picnics and camping, and can be easily transported in its roll-up storage pouch. The 24-piece set is durable, dishwasher safe, and crack-resistant, and has an adorable red-speckled finish. This exceedingly practical dining set retails for $67.00 on Amazon.


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