10 items to keep your home office comfortable and organized

Cross these off your checklist for a clutter-free and lively desk space

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      By Sadaf Ahsan

      Now that many people are working from home, it's important to create a work space that's conducive to motivation. To accomplish that, you'll need a few things: a clutter-free desk, an organizational system, and a little bit of personality to keep your environment bright and lively. Here are 10 items to help you achieve that goal.

      Productivity Planner | $30.99 @ Amazon

      It's hard to keep track of all the day's tasks and chores, especially when everything feels up in the air. Make your to-do-list a little easier to manage with this planner, which helps organize your daily and long-term goals by breaking up tasks throughout the day. By the time you're ready for bed, you'll feel especially accomplished.


      Desktop Vacuum | $19.99 @ Amazon

      The last places we often forget to tidy up are our laptops and keyboards. With this mini-cordless vacuum cleaner specifically designed to get into your keyboard's nooks and crannies, you'll be able to suck up the dust and crumbs from lunches past in seconds, giving you a cleaner and healthier space to work in.

      Table lamp

      Table Lamp | $59 @ Structube

      If you're working into the wee hours of the night, you're gonna want to keep your space well lit. With this sleek, geometric piece, you'll be adding sophistication to your space and some much-needed brightness.

      Under-Desk Mount

      Under-Desk Mount | $22.55 @ Amazon

      There's nothing more frustrating than tangled cords and wires. With this desk mount that can be attached just under your desk with an ultra-strong adhesive (or optional screws), you can hang your headphones out of the way and out of sight—until you need them. 

      Bob Ross 2020 Calendar

      Bob Ross 2020 Wall Calendar | $18.99 @ Amazon

      The days may be bleeding into each other more than ever right now, so why not invest in an old-fashioned calendar? Keep this one right by your desk. Each month features the soothing, nostalgic landscapes of one Bob Ross, along with his smiling little face to remind you: “We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” 

      Cell Phone Stand

      Cell Phone Stand | $14.99 @ Amazon

      Whether you're making a call, FaceTiming, scanning photos or reviewing notes (or a recipe at lunch), it's always helpful to keep your phone at a steady and secure incline. This stand makes that easy, with an anti-skid base and a gap through the back so you can charge while you work.

      Peekaboo Mug
      Urban Outfitters

      Peekaboo Mug | $14 @ Urban Outfitters

      By the time you're halfway through your morning coffee and mid-meeting, wouldn't it be a nice surprise to see a little ceramic pup peeking through to remind you of the cozier things in life?

      Gold Organizer Set

      Gold Organizer Set | $32.99 @ Amazon

      It's time to organize that stack of stuff piling up in your place before you find yourself buried underneath it. This geometric four-in-one set will keep all your documents, files, notebooks and pens in order and in style making everything easier to find.

      Bamboo Monitor Stand

      Bamboo Monitor Stand | $54.99 @ Amazon

      Staring at a screen and sitting in one spot all day can take a toll on your body. With this ergonomic set-up, you can adjust the height of your monitor and clear up your desk space with special slots for your phone, pens, notebooks and mug. Plus: it's pretty.

      Bunny Ears Cactus
      Plant Collective

      Bunny Ears Cactus | $8 @ Plant Collective

      Keep your space lively with a little green friend, whether it's cacti or succulents—both are some of the most low-maintenance plants, which are ideal for those with a lot on their to-do lists.