The 18 best cannabis strains this summer

Old school roadkill, sativas from la belle province, and an OVO-inspired cake straight outta Brampton make our industry insiders list of the choicest buds to sample this summer

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      Note to readers and pot lovers alike: You may count only 14 strains here, that’s not because we are high. It’s because some mentions here include more than one recommendation. So without further ado…

      Ultra Sour by Namaste

      If there is one word to sum up this summer’s ganja zeitgeist, it’s gas. Everyone is in love with petrol sour strains that give off that famous skunk smell. Varieties with the old-school whiff of roadkill are what the OGs want. But this sativa dominant hybrid from New Brunswick-based producer Namaste (by Zenabis) is not just about the smell. It’s about the flavour. THC content: 17 to 23 percent. Price per gram: $9.75

      Sage N Sour by MTL Cannabis

      This sativa-dominant cross grown in Quebec came up the most often as a fave among the cannabis aficionados and insiders we polled. Its potency is its selling point. But its chemical profile is noteworthy for the fact that it’s more than one per cent CBG, the so-called “mother of all cannabinoids” that’s more powerful than CBD but without the foggy head high sometimes associated with weed that’s rich in THC. Definitely next level. THC content: 21 to 27 percent. Price per gram: $10.13

      Animal Face by Carmel Cannabis

      If the name doesn’t pique your curiosity, the buzz will. This leafy, ultra-potent sativa launched this spring by the Oro Medonte, Ontario–based craft cannabis producer comes with a California lineage (Face Off OG) but a different phenotype emphasizing its lemon and cake flavours. Smooth. Grown in rockwool. Shhh. THC content: 23 to 29 percent. Price per gram: $11.07

      Mint Sour by Ness Cannabis

      This zesty Sour Diesel offspring from the cannabis producer that invites you to experience your “-ness” (i.e.: “uniqueness”) is part of the growing number of popular strains out of Quebec. The sativa-dominant hybrid is known for its sticky, deep green buds. The Lemon Berry is also “a show stopper,” according to one member of our expert panel. THC content: 21.3 percent. Price per gram: $9.99

      GMO Cookies by Spinach Cannabis

      GMOs are never a good thing, but in the case of this indica strain it stands for garlic, mushroom, and onion. As the Stayner-based producers of this strain like to point out, “You can’t make a soup out of it, but it sure goes nicely in a bowl.” If what you’re looking for is a powerful experience… Notable: owned by the Cronos Group, whose brands include noteworthy medpot producer Peace Naturals. THC content: 24 to 31 per cent. Price per gram: $8.27

      Wedding Cake by BLLRDR

      BLLRDR rode onto the Ontario cannabis scene late last year in high style with the launch of its Afghani Bullrider strain with OVO co-founder Noah “40” Shebib. But it’s the Brampton-grown cannabis house’s California-inspired indica-dominant Wedding Cake that’s creating the buzz lately. With total cannabinoid content in these buds eclipsing 30 percent it’s the icing on the cake. THC content: 22 to 27 percent. Price per gram: $17.13

      Cold Creek Kush by Redecan

      This Niagara-grown go-to sativa is a cross of dank Colorado faves MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91 and boasts a herbal-heavy terpene profile. Great for a high-energy boost to motor through the work day. Also recommended: Redecan Redees pre-rolls in Wappa, Lilac Diesel, and Black Cherry Punch. They come in packages of 10 so you can share with friends and socially “spliff-distance”, notes one of our experts. You can’t go wrong for the price. THC content: 17 to 23 percent. Price per gram: $7.50, $5.99 if you buy a half bag.

      Acapulco Gold by Jonny Chronic

      Wondering where all the classic Landrace strains like Acapulco Gold went in the green rush to legalization? A number of brands now selling the strain claim the Acapulco Gold lineage. But the original is not so easy to grow. This one out of Thorndale, Ontario, is among the more interesting, which is why it’s usually out of stock. THC content: 20 to 26 percent. Price per gram: $12.84

      Karma by Dunn Cannabis 

      The B.C.-based craft cannabis producer known for its small batch strains and attention to detail—it uses its own genetics—is slowly making headway in the legal market with a number of top-drawer strains. This indica-dominant cross comes from seeds bred by California mainstay Seed Junky Genetics. THC content: 20 to 25 percent. Price per gram: $14.27

      Jack Haze by 7ACRES

      This Kincardine-based producer known for its award-winning White Widow has built on that success with this citrusy sativa-dominant sibling strain, which takes its name from the “Emperor of Hemp” Jack Herer. THC content: 17 to 23 percent. Price per gram: $8.76

      BC Organic Blue Dream by Simply Bare

      Simply Bare has created a tidy brand name for itself with topicals. But the BC-based craft producer’s greenhouse-grown bud is getting notice too. Its highly aromatic version of this popular sativa strain is organically certified. THC content: 18 to 24 percent. Price per gram: $14.27

      MAC1 by Citizen Stash

      This Mission, B.C.-based cannabis producer known for its premium strains has hit a new high with this pesticide-free and hand-harvested and trimmed sativa-indica hybrid. MAC1 is the speed you’ll be flying at with this. THC content: 25 to 32 percent. Price per gram: $17.13

      Starwalker Kush by Good Supply 

      Another bestseller from a reliable Ontario brand, this spicy indica-dominant strain promises a ride on cloud nine. But its terpene profile offers a combination of cannabinoids with both relaxing and energizing effects. Big bang for the buck. THC content: 18 to 24.5 percent. Price per gram: $6.84

      Pine Kush by Back Forty Cannabis

      Last but not least, this earthy indica-dominant strain with woody taste and orange hairs takes its name from the dominant pinene terpenes in its profile, which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Greenhouse grown in Ontario. THC content: 18 to 24 percent. Price per gram: $6.56