3 space-saving ways to stow your bike in a condo or apartment

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      Storing your bike, while also displaying it like a piece of fine art: it’s a thing. Investing in an apartment-storage rack also keeps your tight Vancouver space uncluttered. Note that there are copious bike hooks out there for under $20 at your nearest hardware store; grab a few tools and hang it right there over your couch. But here are three designs that may make showing off your two wheels a little easier.

      Industrial Bike Rack

      ($70 at Etsy.com)

      BLRdesign’s hooks look loft-cool, crafted from industrial black gas pipe, with a bit of leather to protect your rims, and a solid oak base.

      Steadyrack Fat Tire Bike Rack swivels to fit into tight spots.

      Steadyrack Fat Tire Bike Rack

      ($99.99 at Amazon.ca)

      Store your bike vertically by pulling down the metal rack, upending your ride, and wheeling it in. The rack swivels almost 180 degrees right or left to fold almost flat against the wall to maximize space.

      The Bike Nook Bike Stand doesn't require holes or hooks in your wall.

      Bike Nook Bike Stand

      ($59.99, CanadianTire.ca)

      Here’s a free-standing bike rack (above right) that allows for vertical storage but doesn’t require hooks or holes in your wall. Slide it into the corner of your condo; it fits most mountain and road bikes up to a 29-inch wheel.

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