5 exhilarating hikes to scenic destinations near Vancouver

Select trips from the new book Destination Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia

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      With the arrival of the May long weekend, hiking season is officially here.

      Some of the most incredible hikes visit towering waterfalls, ancient forest giants, colourful wildflower meadows, sparkling swimming holes, and panoramic viewpoints.

      My new guidebook, Destination Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia (Greystone Books), describes 55 hiking trips to intriguing places near Vancouver.

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      Here are five exhilarating hikes featured in the new book.

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      Mount Elphinstone
      Stephen Hui

      1. Mount Elphinstone

      As the Queen of Surrey sails from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, Mount Elphinstone rises behind the approaching ferry terminal. A hike on the Mount Elphinstone Summit Trail is a very agreeable affair, featuring old-growth trees, a waterfall, and grand views of the Tantalus Range and Howe Sound.

      Monmouth Creek
      Stephen Hui

      2. Echo Lake

      The Echo Lake Trail is a bonafide adventure, which requires crossing the powerful Squamish River to access the trailhead. Paralleling Monmouth Creek all the way up to the cirque lake, the rough and wickedly steep route visits a succession of sublime waterfalls noted for thrilling canyoneering descents.

      Whatcom Trail
      Stephen Hui

      3. Punch Bowl Pass

      Tracing ancient Indigenous pathways, the Whatcom Trail and Dewdney Trail materialized in the mid-1800s as a result of the Fraser Canyon and Rock Creek gold rushes. Today, the pleasant hike to Punch Bowl Pass traverses sections of both historical trails in E.C. Manning Provincial Park.

      Statlu Lake
      Stephen Hui

      4. Statlu Lake

      As a destination, Statlu Lake has much to offer hikers: colossal conifers, wondrous waterfalls, majestic mountains, and superb swimming. The price of admission: a lengthy approach on logging roads, an overgrown trail, and no shortage of deadfall.

      Mount Galiano
      Stephen Hui

      5. Mount Galiano

      A hike to the highest knoll on Galiano Island begins with a delightful ferry ride to Sturdies Bay. Our itinerary also includes stops at a swimming beach and a Japanese Canadian historic site.