5 eye rejuvenation treatments that work

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      If you’re trying to maintain a youthful appearance, it’s important that you pay attention to the delicate, paper-thin skin around your eyes. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, which results in fine lines and wrinkles. But thankfully, there are several treatments and surgical procedures that can restore and refresh tired eyes.

      Vancouver cosmetic surgery and skin clinic  offers a full spectrum of nonsurgical and surgical treatments that help patients rediscover their confidence.

      The clinic is led by dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, who works closely with his team of medical aesthetic professionals. 

      When it comes to plastic surgery, it’s crucial that you select an experienced surgeon whom you trust will achieve the results you’re looking for. Because Dr. Buonassisi is a subspecialist, he’s able to blend the results to your features, ensuring a natural look for years to come.

      “Eyes are one of the first areas of the face our patients often look to rejuvenate as a result of aging and sun damage. They usually feel their eyes look ‘tired’ and reflect ‘less vibrantly’ than they feel inside,” shares Dr. Buonassisi. “If you’re bothered by fine lines and wrinkles, drooping skin, puffiness, bulging fat, volume loss, or hollowness, you could be a candidate for eye rejuvenation.”

      With more than 25 years of experience, 8 West Clinic is dedicated to results, ongoing education, gold standard technology, and high-quality skincare products. The knowledgeable and friendly team is always eager to help patients build a treatment regimen that will provide long-lasting results.

      Depending on your facial concerns and goals, these five eye rejuvenation treatments can get you looking and feeling your best.

      Upper Blepharoplasty

      This surgical procedure awakens the eye by removing any excess skin around the eyelid—applying eyeshadow will no longer be a discouraging task. An upper is suitable for those with hooded eyelids or sagging skin above the eye that causes folds.

      During the procedure, a precise incision is made in the upper eyelid and the excess skin is removed. The small scar will be hidden in the natural crease of the eyelid once it’s healed.

      “Because the surgery is minimally invasive and done within an hour, most patients can be up and about the next day,” says Dr. Buonassisi. “However, some patients do opt to take a few weeks off of work to let the sutures dissolve and for any bruising or swelling to improve.”

      Patients are allowed to use makeup to conceal any discolouration around the area after surgery.

      Dr. Buonassisi performs upper and lower blepharoplasty surgeries on a weekly basis. 8 West Clinic also offers other services that can further enhance the outcome, including laser skin resurfacing to manage your surgical scars.

      Lower Blepharoplasty

      The lower blepharoplasty removes excess or herniated skin from underneath your eyes, noticeably reducing any puffiness and dark circles. In this surgical procedure, bulging fat and sometimes skin or muscle are carefully removed through a small incision inside the lower eyelid or along the lower lash line, reducing puffiness without leaving any scarring.

      “Blepharoplasty has some of the most high-impact results,” he reveals. “It’s easy, has low-downtime, and creates a visible, rejuvenated difference.”

      Dermal Fillers

      If you’re sick of applying a thick layer of concealer under your eyes every morning, can instantly lift and brighten the area by filling in sunken shadows. Many people rely on dermal fillers, in combination with Botox, to combat fine lines and restore the facial volume loss that occurs with age.

      At 8 West Clinic, experienced senior nurse injectors carefully administer filler to restore volume, plump features, and smooth skin.

      This nonsurgical procedure offers results that can be noticed immediately after treatment.

      Laser Skin Resurfacing

      Laser skin resurfacing is suitable for men and women who are bothered by the natural loss of collagen and elastin that comes with aging, causing concerns like crepiness and fine lines around their eyes. The nonsurgical treatment uses short, concentrated beams of light to smooth and restore delicate skin.

      Patients who undergo laser skin resurfacing with treatments like the  will receive a treatment that’s customized for their skin and desired outcome. 8 West Clinic’s skilled laser technicians use highly customizable lasers to deeply penetrate and resurface the skin while simultaneously stimulating collagen for firmer, smoother skin.

      Most patients who have deep skin resurfacing will take five to seven days off work and limit social activities for one to two weeks.


      This nonsurgical treatment is an incredibly easy way to enhance your natural beauty. At your appointment, a senior nurse injector will inject around the corners of your eyes. By relaxing these muscles, crow’s feet become much less visible.

      You’ll see results within five to 14 days after treatment and results will last for three to four months.

      The team at 8 West Clinic offers complimentary medical aesthetic consultations and complimentary pre-consultations with surgical patient care managers. To book a consultation, visit