A Vancouver tattoo artist is organizing a festive tattoo scavenger hunt

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      How about a free tattoo to kick off your holiday season?

      Local tattoo artist Sierra Holmes is offering just that—through an exciting and festive scavenger hunt.

      On December 16 at 7pm, three Christmas ornaments (drawn in Holmes’ signature tattoo style) will be hidden in different locations across Vancouver. If you are lucky enough to find one of these beautiful birds, you get a free tattoo of your choice (anything palm-sized from her Instagram can be chosen).

      In the weeks leading up to the 16, Holmes will be posting clues to her Instagram to help people figure out where the ornaments are hidden.

      To win, you have to send a video of yourself finding the ornament as soon as possible to Holmes via Instagram DM or email (sierratattos@gmail.com). Once the ornament has been found, she will make a post on her Story declaring it’s off the market. Remember: you have three chances to win.

      When the hunt wraps at 9pm, Holmes will be hosting a holiday meet and mingle at the Batch Plaza of Nations location. Does that mean one of the ornaments will be hidden nearby? Only time (and tattoos) will tell.