B.C. Centre for Disease Control detects first case of monkeypox in a Vancouver resident

The test result is awaiting confirmation from the National Microbiology Laboratory

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      British Columbia can be added to a growing list of jurisdictions with monkeypox.

      Today (June 6), the B.C. Centre for Disease Control announced that a person who lives in Vancouver has tested positive for the disease.

      This lab result is awaiting confirmation by the National Microbiology Laboratory.

      "More than 700 cases of monkeypox infection have been found in non-endemic countries since May 2022, with the majority identified in Europe," the BCCDC said in a statement. "Infections caused by a West African clade have also been diagnosed in Canada and the United States.

      "This clade tends to cause mild disease. While most, but not all, recent global infections are among young men who identify as men who have sex with other men, the virus can affect anyone through close person-to-person contact."

      Monkeypox spreads through contact with sores or from bedding or towels with the virus, the BCCDC noted.

      In addition, coughs and sneezes during prolonged close face-to-face contact can also result in transmission.

      The clinical presentation of monkeypox.

      "While the virus is not known to transmit through semen, vaginal or rectal fluids, it does spread through close contact during sexual activity," the BCCDC stated.

      "There is a vaccine available in Canada that provides protection against the monkeypox virus. It can be used to manage spread of monkeypox and prevent serious illness in people who have been exposed."

      More information on monkeypox is available here.