Burnaby and Delta roadside inspections of commercial vehicles result in half being removed from roads

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      Inspections that police have been conducting of commercial vehicles in parts of Metro Vancouver over recent weeks have resulted in approximately half of these vehicles being taken off roads.

      The Delta Police Department (DPD) stated on February 26 that commercial vehicle inspection unit conducted 80 roadside inspections, in areas such as Highway 17 and the Scott Road corridor, of commercial vehicles in January.

      These inspections resulted in almost half of the vehicles being required to undergo full inspections in addition to many vehicles ordered off the road immediately, according to DPD Insp. Ryan Hall.

      In one inspection (shown in the photo above), a semi-truck in Tilbury was found pulling a trailer loaded with inadequately secured lumber that was almost falling off.

      Meanwhile, Burnaby RCMP conducted roadside inspections from February 23 to 25.

      Out of 238 inspections, officers found 374 violations and 216 defects over the three days. Each day, officers pulled half of the vehicles off the road, and in placed a total of 131 vehicles (55 percent of them) out of service by the end of the three days.

      In one case, a tire on one vehicle was completely off its rim while in another case, a driver of a truck pulling a trailer with a construction vehicle did not have the proper driver’s license to drive the combination of vehicles.

      In other commercial vehicle enforcement cases, Delta police, who were conducting an illegal dumping investigation in January, stopped a commercial vehicle driver. After they discovered was prohibited from driving, officers arrested him, his vehicle was impounded for a week, and he was given a court date.

      But that didn’t stop him—days later, he was stopped in a different commercial vehicle and was arrested a second time for driving while prohibited. That vehicle was impounded and he was given a second court date.

      Prohibited driving can result in jail time and subsequent prohibited driving can result in being banned from driving for years, thereby affecting employment.