Burning Question: In which we ask this week's cool kids where they start when making the perfect Christmas playlist

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      From how much eggnog is too much to why isn't Aubrey Plaza more famous than Tom Cruise, there are things that enquiring minds want to know. We ask important questions so you don’t have to.

      This week's burning question: “Christmas playlist. -Bing, Mariah, Sufjan, or all three?”

      "Christmas is about many things. Firstly, excess: “The Darkness” Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End) represents this perfectly, rocking out by the fire in your tightest trouser’s christmas song, glorious harmonizing guitar solos and all. Next up, Misery: In “Fairytale of New York” the Pogues’ Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl sing about a couple slinging insults at each other at Christmas, and their down ’n’ out life in NYC. Reflection: “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” by John and Yoko—“I’m not crying, you’re crying”. Disappointment: “Nothing for Me” by the Muffs, a song about getting, well, nothing. And finally, nostalgia: Snoopy’s Christmas by the Royal Guardsmen, I got this obscure Canadian record from my grandparents in 1970-something. It’s about Snoopy battling the Red Baron in World War One. I pull it out every year— not the greatest Christmas song but I just need to hear it. Merry Christmas!"
      - Shane Ward, bassist of Mystery Machine, wrangler of drunks, maker of cookies

      "I enjoy my Christmas material on the surreal side; the Low-era David Bowie/Bing Crosby duet followed by an annual viewing of the greatest Christmas movie of all time, Eyes Wide Shut. Must be enjoyed with at least four litres of Avalon Eggnog."
      - Shannon Hemmett, synth player for Actors, vocalist for Leathers, badass tattoo artist

      "I love listening to Bing Crosby at any time of the year. Classic and easy listening all the way."
      - Singer Hannah Georgas

      "Christmas playlists to me are like searching Netflix. It all looks pretty good, and at the same time not good enough to actually click on. A never ending landscape of names, versions, remixes and covers that are all tolerable, and with enough white wine can even become enjoyable. The names Bing, Mariah, Sufjan are all familiar, but I couldn’t tell you which songs they sing. Like blockbuster movie actors, I find it hard to commit my hard drive space to remember these people. Their names will always be around, and someone can tell you who they are. I’d rather save my limited middle-aged memory for the names of more obscure movies and music. Christmas for me is more about the company of friends and family, having great conversation, and eating far too much. The playlist in the background will make me happy no matter what the music."
      -Autogramm bassist C.C. Voltage

      “Listen, the Christmas Mariah memes are enough to make me land heavily in her court. Nothing quite ushers in the season like hearing that whistle tone in early November. Mariah’s voice really is the sound of the holidays kicking down the door between Halloween and the New Year. As a theatre maker and drag queen, I have to celebrate her camp and her appreciation of being the right amount of extra. Perhaps she’s what I want to be if I ever grow up. This holiday season you’ll find me oscillating between any upbeat, pop-forward holiday music my kiddo wants to dance to and the soundtrack of the highly hummable 3 Little Pigs we have onstage at Carousel throughout December. Those, paired with some mulled wine, make for the perfect holiday recipe."
      - Dave Deveau, co-artistic director of Carousel Theatre for Young People