Burning Question: Our handpicked experts weigh in on whether there's a place in this world for pumpkin spice

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      From who built the pyramids, to what kind of monster could possibly enjoy anything from the melon family, there are things that enquiring minds want to know. We ask important questions so you don't have to. 


      This week's burning question: “Pumpkin spice anything. Disgusting or the greatest thing this side of your Halloween candy haul?


      "People love to hate pumpkin spice so nothing makes my enemies seethe more than seeing me and pumpkin spice anything at the same time. Pumpkin spice is my winter weapon of choice."
      - Trailerhawk singer Carmen Bruno 

      "I usually try to steer clear of these hot-button food debates, and I’ll probably lose friends over this. but I’m a hard 'con' for two reasons. Firstly, pumpkin spice is directly associated with Halloween. Halloween freaks me out to begin with, so when the pumpkin spice lattes start showing up on café chalkboards in early September my anxiety starts to amplify immediately. Secondly, pumpkin is a tasteless squash so the spice mixture is basically an entire spice rack mashed together. It’s then dumped liberally into things other than pies that are quite delicious on their own and shouldn’t be tampered with. Its overbearing bitterness is an affront to the nuanced flavours of coffee, smoothies, hot chocolate, beer, and cocktails. Autumn is my favourite season and pumpkin spice is nothing more than a brutish concoction that steps all over it without care or compassion.”
      -Bruce Wilson of Sunday Morning

      Kandle Osborne
      Jeffrey Mitchell

      “One time on a busy press cycle I ended up doing an interview with a food magazine—they asked me for my favourite recipe and I panicked and found a 'pumpkin spice tiramisu'. They said it was incredible. I made it and instantly threw up it was so incredibly disgusting! Pumpkin spice is a hard no for me! Especially in coffee- black or nothing.”
      - Singer-songwriter Kandle Osborne

      “Pumpkin Spice! I just don’t get it. I’ll admit that when it initially became a ‘thing’, I thought the latte/frappe/, or whatever beverage people were going crazy about, was flavoured with pumpkin, not the delicious spices that make the pumpkin taste good. So, I thought it was gross. I have never had a pumpkin spice anything other than pie and, not liking sweet things, I probably never will. But, I drink chai sometimes, and it’s basically pumpkin spice with the added bonus of cardamom. So due to a pre-existing misunderstanding of what pumpkin spice actually is, I hold to the thought that it’s gross. Even though logically, I know it’s probably great in all of its assorted new uses. I just don’t want any of them.”
      - Squamish Constellation Festival co-fournder Tamara Stanners

      Jason Corbett

      “I’ve never had a pumpkin spice anything. I’m not one for “spice” so the thought kind of grosses me out. I’m more of a Halloween candy kinda guy.”
      - Jason Corbett of Actors

      “I am meh on pumpkin spice, I like it okay but the way people have glommed onto it is a bit much for me. I saw pumpkin spice hummus at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and it turned my stomach. Pumpking spice is very nice, for sure; but normie people go mad for it probably because their go-to everyday is on the bland side. The elements and combo of pumpkin spice is very 'normal' to me. I mean, cloves, cinnamon, and a dash of cardamom or nutmeg should only be considered exotic if electricity and indoor plumbing are, too.”
      -Rachel Fox of the Rio Theatre