Burning Question: Some of us embrace our inner penguins, and some of us set the thermostat for "broiled lobster"

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      From why do Vancouver drivers drive 30/kmh in 50/kmh zones, to what kind of person calls themselves a "foodie", there are things that enquiring minds want to know. We ask important questions so you don’t have to.


      This week's burning question: “Baby it’s cold outside. Do you put on a sweater or crank up the heat?”


      “Sweaters always! Layers are dope. They look great and you can always take em’ off if you get too hot. Help the environment and save yourself some cash, turn the heat down.”
      - Rare Americans drummer Duran Ritz

      “Put on a sweater. And thermal underwear. You wouldn’t think it gets cold in Mississippi but I grew up out in the country in a log cabin where - in the wintertime - you put a glass of ice water beside your bed at night in the winter, you had one when you got up.”
      - Vancouver-via-Mississippi ace bluesman Robert Connelly Farr

      “What I like to do as the weather turns cold is instead of cranking up the heat I crank up Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones and pour myself two fingers of Jack Daniels. Also works for extreme heat…or moderate temperatures…or basically whatever ails you.”
      - John M. Hewer, janitor at Keithmas HQ

      “I’d crank on the heat because there’s nothing like being cozy and warm in your own home without having to rely on layers. I’ll worry about the electric bill later.”
      - TikTok comedian and actor Davin Tong

      “Put on a sweater. Put on some pants. Put on some socks. Put on all the things that might help you get warm BEFORE you put on that heat. And I’m not just saying this because I once lived with someone for 15 years, (who shall remain unnamed, but knows who he is), who would sit in his office writing, with the heat cranked to 78... PANTLESS! It was as if he was living his best tropical life in Canada’s winter wonderland. Now, it’s not because I was the one paying the heat bill that this bothered me. It was the idea of having to pay for what I did not want. (Like the green peppers in a Greek salad). I enjoy a temperature closer to 69. I’m not just saying this because of the sexual innuendo of such a figure, and I’m an old pervert... I’m saying this because it’s a temperature anyone could be comfortable in with or without pants. But if you have all the things on your body, like a sweater, and you still can’t warm up, by all means turn up the heat. But only as a last resort, and only if you’re chipping in on the heat bill, or at least look just that good without pants.”
      - Singer-songwriter, artist, and all-round country queen Kelly Haigh

      “Put on a sweater because we are in a goddamn climate crisis! Heating/Cooling account for 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and if we all kept our thermostats just a little more eco-friendly we’d make a massive difference in the future of the planet.”
      - Actress and singer SIØBHAN