Canadians made fewer domestic and international travels in 2019 before COVID-19

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      COVID-19 has disrupted travel plans across the world.

      From spring breaks to summer holidays, Thanksgiving reunions and Christmas vacations, the pandemic put many trips on hold in 2020.

      When researchers measure the full impact of the pandemic on travel by Canadians, they will have an important benchmark.

      Statistics Canada stated so Wednesday (December 9) when it released the results of its national travel survey for 2019.

      The numbers indicate that Canadians were traveling less last year even before COVID-19 arrived.

      Canadian residents made 313 million trips within the country and around the world in 2019, down 0.9 percent from 2018.

      Canadians took fewer trips domestically, a one percent decrease compared to last year.

      Domestic trips in 2019 totaled 275 million.

      According to Statistics Canada, domestic trips represented 87.9 percent of all trips made by Canadians last year.

      Meanwhile, trips to the U.S. fell 2.3 percent to 27.1 million in 2019 from 27.7 million trips in 2018.

      The number of trips to overseas countries other than the U.S. rose four percent.

      In 2019, Canadian residents took 10.7 million trips to overseas countries other than the U.S.

      According to Statistics Canada, the most popular overseas destinations Canadians in 2019 were Mexico, Cuba, the U.K., China, and Italy.

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