Clarity Medical Centre offers equal access to CBD treatment

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      Dr. Jean Paul Lim has one main goal—he wants to make people feel better. While it might sound simple, there is still a stigma around one particular method of treatment, which he believes could be used to help a number of health issues including chronic pain, PTSD, seizures, tremors, and general anxiety. And that solution is cannabidiol (CBD), the non–psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant.

      Lim, an internal medicine and complex care specialist, recently founded (4484 Main Street) with the intention of studying the benefits and monitoring the side effects of medicinal cannabis use. With the new opening of this patient-focused, research-based, multidisciplinary facility, Lim hopes to shatter misconceptions and build scientific evidence around what he has learned.

      “There are very few things in medicine that I’ve done that are quite as profound as the benefits that I’ve seen with CBD. And I’m a medical specialist and I deal with complex care patients with a lot of diseases,” he says.

      But Lim hasn’t always thought this way. In fact, up until eight months ago his knowledge of CBD was almost non-existent.

      “My patients started asking me about medicinal cannabis,” he says. “And to be honest with you, I knew absolutely nothing about it. I barely knew what the plant looked like. And what was embarrassing was that I didn’t really have anything else to offer them for their pain.”

      The media coverage of cannabis tends to focus on its recreational use and the plant’s better-known compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which makes people high. But Lim decided to start researching medicinal cannabis for himself to see if he could give his patients alternative treatment options.

      “When I graduated from UBC, I was very dogmatic in my approach and I only did what I learned in school,” he says. “And then as I listened more and looked at people’s health more holistically, I realized that what is not taught very well in medical schools are the fundamentals of health of diet and exercise.”

      While he still prescribes medications, Lim also tries to address his patients’ concerns by encouraging a healthy lifestyle and helping them to live without pain. And he believes that CBD will change the way pain is treated in the future.

      It is for this reason that Clarity Medical Centre makes it simple for new patients to access legal medical cannabis products in Canada, and streamlines the process of registering with a licensed producer. Lim’s team of cannabis-trained general and specialist physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and coaches all work together to ensure patients get optimal medical care.

      “There are lots of claims out there, but how much of it is real and how much of it is not? When you have data there is no argument,” he adds. “And then patients get real access. And that’s my ultimate goal—to give people equal access, who otherwise would be suffering.”

      But Lim’s mission extends beyond his patients. In fact, he thinks that after cannabis becomes legal, Canada can be a global pioneer in CBD treatment.

       “I hate to sound overdramatic here but this is an opportunity for Canada to be a world leader in cannabis research,” he says. “Here is chance for us to truly bring innovation forward.”

      Through Clarity, Lim hopes to gather the data needed to change policy, because he recognizes that much research is still required. He has a firm belief in the medicinal benefits of cannabis and wants the additional scientific evidence to back this up.

      “I hope you understand my vision because it’s big. It’s a big vision.”

      Clarity Medical Centre is located at 4484 Main Street. For more information visit  or call 604-336-9995.