Clean skincare and body care brands from Vancouver

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      Much like the dining scene in Vancouver, beauty lovers have many choices regarding brands emphasizing clean ingredients. Here are a few of my favourite skincare and body care brands that call the West Coast home. I love them for their commitment to sustainable practices, eco-friendly formulas, and the fact that they’re made locally.


      Musoap is a local brand that makes soaps and body scrubs. Its ingredients and name pay homage to its Asian heritage. In Mandarin, mù means to receive and to be immersed, making it the perfect name for its cleansing products. The hand-cut soaps range from a gentle rice bar for sensitive skin types to revitalizing ginger to combat dull skin. A personal favourite of mine is the Matcha body scrub, made in collaboration with local matcha brand Whisk, for gentle and effective exfoliation.

      Midnight Paloma

      What started as a passion project is now in over 500 stores throughout Canada and the US. Midnight Paloma maintains its commitment to natural and cruelty-free ingredients. The bath soaks invite you to take a moment to yourself with enriching scent combos that turn your next bath into a sensory moment. Elevate the experience further with their accessories, which include a dry body brush and ice roller, which are lifesavers for puffy skin.


      If you’re looking for a Leaping Bunny-certified brand committed to affordable pricing and effective blends, Truly is, well, truly the best. For a “you smell great” scent that lasts all day and is blended locally, you can’t go wrong with the Truly perfume rollers. With an oil base instead of alcohol, this formula “sticks” to your skin all day. Plus, the convenient applicator makes it easy to take on the go.

      Mifa & Co.

      Bring the spa to your home with Mifa & Co. and its clean body products. Owned by two best friends, Mifa & Co. was designed to nourish your skin and provide added aromatherapeutic benefits. The best-selling OG hero product, Eucalyptus Coco body wash, will transform your shower into a steam room with a relaxing blend of eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, and peppermint.

      Kid Sister

      With the ethos that luxury is rooted in quality, not a price point, Kid Sister may have a small offering of only two skincare products, but small is mighty in the case of this local brand. The face oil and masque are multi-tasking and nutrient-rich with a simple goal: happy and glowing skin without breaking the bank. They are suitable for all skin types and ages. I’m serious: that’s the founder’s grandma on its Instagram.