COVID-19: survey reveals almost two-thirds of Canadians fear plane travel, live events

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      Most Canadians fear resuming activities common before COVID-19.

      A Statistics Canada survey reveals deep concerns about health risks in connection with the country’s reopening from the pandemic.

      Nearly two-thirds of the respondents indicated that they were “very concerned” about going to shows, festivals, movies and sporting events (66 percent).

      For plane travel, 64 percent reported the same level of anxiety.

      Over half of Canadians said they were “very concerned” about large gatherings because of the pandemic.

      For weddings and religious services, 57 percent; and visiting in a retirement home or long-term care facility for seniors, 55 percent.

      Statistics Canada released the survey results in its in-house The Daily publication on Monday (July 27).

      The survey revealed varying degrees of concern depending on people's origins.

      The study found that immigrants are more concerned about the health risks associated with the reopening than people born in Canada.

      When it comes to attending a movie or live event, 81 percent of immigrants indicated they are very concerned, compared to 61 percent among Canadian-born people.

      As for large gatherings such as weddings and religious services, 70 percent of immigrants indicated that they are very concerned, versus 53 percent among those born in the country.

      The agency likewise reported that people with a high level of concern about the health risks associated with the reopening were “more likely to take various precautions to limit the spread of the virus”.

      “They were also significantly more likely to want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine (73%) once it becomes available than those who expressed little concern (49%) about resuming activities in Canada,” Statistics Canada reported.